Tourists Injuries & Visitor Accidents

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Article Written By: Katie Farrell, Staff Writer

As one of the most well-known and attractive cities in the United States, New York City is a highly visited area with over 40 million domestic and international tourists visiting each year. Being a tourist in New York can be exciting. However, even if you take every precaution, there are a number of dangerous circumstances that could lead to serious injuries, which may cause missed work time, missed school time, unexpected medical bills and chronic pain. Although there really is no difference between a tourist being injured in New York in comparison to a New Yorker being injured in New York, there may, however, be an increased risk of injury for tourists simply because the city is foreign to them.


Personal injuries occur and are often due to:

  •  Cab and automobile accidents — Car accidents, Taxi accidents, truck accidents, van accidents and motorcycle accidents can lead to serious injuries.
  •  Public transportation accidents — There are a wide variety of public transportation options in New York, including buses, subways, commuter trains, the paratransit system, MTA Access-A-Ride vans, ferries and trams. These can all be the scene of serious personal injury accidents as well.
  •  Slip-and-fall accidents — Whether you are shopping at Macy's in Herald Square, visiting the Empire State Building, or just walking down Fifth Avenue, poorly lit buildings, slippery surfaces, defective stairs, uneven pavement and broken sidewalks can cause a variety of injuries.
  •  Municipal negligence and wrongdoing - Broken sidewalks, Misplaced or missing signs are just a couple of hazards that can lead to serious injuries.
  • Negligent security or assault- while visiting, you could be the victim of a robbery or a physical or sexual assault.
  • Recreational accidents- Whether you were involved in a boating accident or were injured while at a restaurant, theater, amusement park, stadium, playground or hotel, you need immediate legal assistance to ensure that your rights are protected against the establishments responsible for your injuries.

Need for return

If you were injured while visiting New York, but live in another part of the country or world, usually you may hire a firm to represent you without having to return to New York. In fact, you may not have to return to New York for any part of the legal proceeding. The only time your presence in New York would be required is if the case does not settle and there has to be oral depositions or a trial. And, if that's the case, everything can be accomplished according to your schedule and your convenience. Usually, an experienced law firm will handle all of the legal details, pursuing your personal injury compensation from New York, and communicate with you by telephone, mail and e-mail.

Contact an Attorney

Contacting an experienced attorney in the New York area can make all the difference. An experienced attorney can fully investigate to ensure you recover the injury compensation you deserve. New York tourist accident attorneys can work with you even if you are out of state to identify every responsible party.