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Divorce & Family Law


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With over 30 years of experience in the fields of family law, matrimonial law, estate litigation, and commercial litigation, Berke & Berke leads the way in excellence and fighting rigorously for your rights. The firm understands that any issue that occurs within the family can be extremely difficult to deal with – especially if there are young children involved. When spouses consider divorce, even amicable separation, the proceedings can take a toll on the entire family, changing the dynamics of the household completely. Consequentially, the determined attorneys at the law firm of Berke & Berke seek to resolve divorces and other family law disputes, in an efficient and cost effective manner (whether through a negotiated settlement or litigation in court) to ensure the needs of individuals and families are met. Additionally, the firm of Berke & Berke is dedicated to protecting the rights of its clients regarding wills, trusts, estate litigation, commercial litigation and all matters incidental to these complex areas of law. firm sophisticated legal representation to individuals and businesses alike, concerning pressing matters with possible life-changing consequences. As a result, the firm emphasizes the need for personal attention and are recognized for their superior advocacy and unparalleled negotiating skills.