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Accidents & Injuries
Workers Compensation


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For years now, the law offices of Tanya Gendelman have been offering legal counsel to residents of New York who have suffered injuries through no fault of their own. Tanya Gendelman is based in Brooklyn, NY., and over the years her practice has garnered respect in the area of personal injury, owing to her successes as a litigation expert.

She is renowned for her passion and tenacity when representing clients as a personal injury attorney, and the majority of her clients seek compensation for automobile and motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, public transportation accidents, and construction accidents.

Each case is studied closely to determine the highest compensation under the circumstances, and all resources are pulled toward preparing the strongest justification and demonstrating the full impact of the injury to the victim. Due to years of experience handling personal injury cases, Tanya Gendelman is well-suited to represent your interest when filing for compensation. If you or somebody you know requires representation, contact her offices today for smart, personalized legal counsel.