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Accidents & Injuries


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The attorneys at Rinaldo Law Offices help protect the rights of people who have been physically harmed, mistreated or suffered a personal injustice. We help our clients fight back and win them equitable compensation by settlement or by jury verdict. We are an established firm with more than a half century of proven experience and resources to expertly build and litigate cases in the areas consumers and workers are most vulnerable. It is these unique qualifications that ensure our ability to work through the intricacies that are elemental in identifying and obtaining all the damages and benefits due our clients Our staff of attorneys and legal professionals are particularly civic minded as well. Sincere compassion goes hand in hand with our proficiency to represent clients in need. We’re big enough to work hard for you, and treat each client as our most important client. The trust and respect given us by clients and other attorneys are a testament to our personal devotion and hard work in seeing each case through.