Steven Riker, Esq.

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Business & Non-profit
Real Estate Law


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The Law Office of Steven Riker is a New York-based law firm which provides high-quality legal services at cost-effective rates to a diversified clientele in the New York metropolitan area. The Firm maintains a general commercial practice, with an emphasis on commercial and business litigation, real estate law, contract negotiation, and business formation. The Firm’s clients include large corporations, corporate executives, prominent individuals and family-owned businesses. However, every client, and every project, whether big or small, receives the same level of commitment, diligence and ingenuity which distinguishes the Firm’s practice.

Mr. Riker takes great pride in his long-standing relationship with his clients, many of whom he has represented for more than a decade. His reputation as a creative problem-solver, and as a dedicated and trusted advisor and litigator, has earned him high praise from judges, adversaries, and journalists alike. Indeed, his reputation for handling specialized political asylum litigation is such that he is frequently requested to travel around the country, including as far away as Hawaii, to handle such high-stakes litigation. His extraordinary success rate in such cases has been detailed in international newspaper articles. And his reputation in the New York legal community is such that he is frequently appointed by judges to represent minors and incapacitated individuals in both Supreme Court and Surrogate’s Court proceedings. Due to his knowledge and expertise, he has also been requested to lecture at continuing legal education seminars on litigation and real estate topics to other lawyers. Thus, whether you need help starting a business, prosecuting or defending a lawsuit, or buying, selling, or leasing real estate, or perhaps some other matter, the Law Office of Steven Riker can likely assist you.